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Who we are?

Pakistan Biological Safety Association

Pakistan has entered an era of increased scientific research with advancements in biological research. Work with infectious agents in public and private research sectors, diagnostic laboratories and animal care and research facilities has expanded many folds. Fresh infectious agents with epidemic potentials are rapidly emerging globally. For these reasons it becomes increasingly important that a national body be formulated that would guide the institution/organizations and individual laboratory directors on issues such as biological risk assessment, capability of equipment facilities and use of personal protection gears. Application of this knowledge and use of appropriate techniques and equipment will enable the microbiological and bio-medical community to prevent personal, laboratory and environmental exposure to potentially infectious agents or bio-hazards. The basic concept behind the idea is to promote bio-safety as a scientific discipline and serve the initial and growing needs of bio-safety in Pakistan where it is still in its infancy. In view of the above needs, Pakistan Biological Safety Association was announced on March 29, 2008.