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IFBA Certified Professional of the PBSA (Pakistan Biological Safety Association)

Keeping in view quest for biosafety and biosecurity, Dr Shamsul Arfin Qasmi earned his  professional certification in “Selection, Installation and safe Use of Biosafety Cabinets” with distinction, conducted by International Federation of Biosafety Association. This Professional Certification in Biosafety Cabinets comprises knowledge in biosafety cabinet guidelines and standards, types, proper selection and placement and safe use, maintenance and field certification of BSCs. He also earned IFBA Certification as IFBA Certified professional  in Biorisk Management and Biological Waste Management in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Dr Shamsul Arfin  Qasmi is a self-motivated and dedicated professional medical educationalist and as well as medical laboratory scientist with an interest in Global Health Security, policy formulation, strategic planning and budgeting.