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Call for Nominations for Biosafety Cabinet Training Workshop

Nomination for Biosafety Cabinet Training Workshop

Life Sciences are a rapidly evolving field in the country. The safety of Life Scientists remains a major concern not only for themselves but also for the community. Pakistan Biological Safety Association (PBSA) is striving hard to promote safety in this field.

PBSA has scheduled training’s about biosafety cabinets. We are writing to your office for nominating relevant candidates for the BSC cabinet workshops planned in May 2017. Kindly review the application package and fill out the nomination letter accordingly and submit all the required documents by 19th April 2017 to bsc.pbsafic2017@gmail.com.

We are further planning workshops on Institutional Biosafety Committees and Biosafety Officers. Taking this opportunity can you also nominate relevant candidates for the IBC workshops.

PBSA will bear all the expenses. Looking forward to your prompt and positive response.

Click on below links to download required documents: 

  1. Instruction for Applying for the Biosafety Cabinet Workshop
  2. Nomination cover letter for Biosafety Cabinet Training Workshop
  3. Nomination letter (data form) for each participants will be duly signed by Head of Department on Department letter head.