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American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Sixty Sixth Annual Meeting

ASTMH requests proposals for symposia to be presented at the Society’s 66th Annual Meeting. The symposium format is intended to allow a broad and synthesized review of a given topic, with ample time for discussion. The ASTMH Program Committee evaluates all proposals and selects those for presentation according to defined selection criteria. Due to the large number of proposals, the selection process is competitive.

Overview of Symposium Format and Submission

(Detailed Guidelines on page 6)


Priority will be given to proposals with a speaker panel that reflects the Society’s diverse membership. Organizers should consider diversity with respect to gender, institutional background and country of origin when developing symposium proposals. All symposia should include at least one speaker of each gender unless specific exception is granted by the ASTMH Scientific Program Chair. The Society highly encourages including speakers from LMICs. Symposia focusing on a single program or institution are discouraged, as are routine updates from groups of investigators who commonly present, regardless of expertise. † Each symposium requires a primary organizer/chair who serves as the single point of contact for the submission process. While not required, the organizer may appoint a co-chair. Either the organizer or the co-chair must be an ASTMH member at the time of submission. Click here to become an ASTMH member. Please note that the ASTMH membership year is July 1 through June 30. † In order to encourage wider participation in the Annual Meeting and the Society, the following groups are exempt from the membership requirement for 2017: nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, veterinary professionals, and biomedical engineers.


  1. Each symposium is 105 minutes. The Program Committee highly recommends a fourtalk format, with each speaker presenting for approximately 20 minutes followed by a few minutes of questions. Co-chairs may also serve as speakers. Alternative formats, such as a moderated debate or point-counterpoint style for controversial or debatable topics, may be proposed. Note that simply adding an additional speaker is generally not considered an acceptable alternative format unless a strong justification can be made. Regardless of format, ample time for questions and discussion must be included. If your proposal features an alternative format, please provide a justification and any additional speaker names in the Creative Format field on the submission site. †
  2. Allowing time for a discussion at the end of the session is encouraged. Attendee evaluations of symposia consistently reflect this request.
  3. Do not indicate a speaker name as “To be determined.” The Program Committee evaluates symposia based on both the quality of the content and proposed speakers.
  4. Precise times for all presentations must be specified since attendees depend on reliable start times for each speaker, as noted in the Program Book.
  5. The date and time of accepted symposium will be available in early September 2017. Please note that ASTMH cannot guarantee scheduling of a symposium on a specific day or time. Symposium participants should maintain schedule availability throughout the timeframe of November 6-9, 2017.
  6. Attendees are limited to a maximum of two symposia in which they serve as a co-chair or speaker.
  7. After acceptance of a proposal, no substantial change can be made to the format, topics or total number of speakers without approval from the Program Committee.