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2017 Competitive Research Grants ‘Small Grants for Biosafety Related Projects in Pakistan’

Funding Opportunity

Requests for funding grants are invited for small research biosafety related projects for young scientists working in the life sciences in Pakistan.


Pakistan has entered an era of increased scientific research with advancements in life sciences. Emerging and re-emerging infectious agents threaten globally. It is increasingly important for locally relevant solutions and approaches to be devised to support the life science workforce and ensure that work in laboratories and in the field can be performed safely and securely.

Pakistan Biological Safety Association is a non-profit, non-governmental professional organization dedicated to the provision of comprehensive knowledge and resources related to biosafety issues in Pakistan. As a pioneering and nationally-representative body, the Pakistan Biological Safety Association has been working since 2008 to improve capacity of laboratory personnel in biosafety through awareness workshops, scenario-based trainings, and hands-on experience led by acclaimed international and Pakistani trainers.

To support further development of improved biosafety practices and protocols, PBSA announces the 2017 ‘Small Grants for Biosafety related Projects’ open to scientists and research groups based in public and private sector organizations throughout Pakistan.

Scope of Work

Short-term projects addressing critical biosafety issues.

Outcome and Performance Standards (Deliverables)

Grantees shall, at the conclusion of the research, provide:

  1. Final project report in the format of:
    1. Project name and grantee institution.
    2. Project summary.
    3. Project findings and recommendations.
    4. Actions taken as a result of the project and their impact.
    5. Detailed description of work methods and results.
    6. A financial appendix with final budget accounting and a narrative of spending.
    7. Presentation/demonstration of the project output in a special PBSA meeting at end of the project period.

Terms of Contract:

Short-term projects focusing on biosafety related issues, preferably seeking solutions to common problems faced by laboratory personnel in resource-limited settings in Pakistan.

Who should apply?

Research teams representing clinical, academic, private sector institutions working in the health sciences; veterinary services or animal health sciences; pharmaceutical or biotechnology research; or environmental protection. Multi-disciplinary and/or multi-sectoral projects are encouraged.

Duration (Including report finalization and submission): 6-12 Months

Award Amounts: PKR 300,000-500,000 per award.

Requirements for Proposal Preparation:

Submission Package must include:

  1. Project Narrative: 1-3 page project overview in the following format:
    1. Brief description of the issue to be addressed
    2. Need for the study and its expected impact
    3. Expected outcomes /deliverables
    4. Background
    5. Detailed work plan of execution with timelines and outcome indicators
  2. Budget Requirements: An itemized line item budget describing the project-related costs for personnel, equipment, supplies, travel and Others (Printing, Stationary, software, trainings, etc.) must be submitted along with a budget narrative aligned with the project work plan.
  • For purchases over PKR 100,000/PEPRA rules to be followed.
  1. Approval from the Institutional Head.

Evaluation and Award Process:

The PBSA Proposal Review Committee will evaluate all proposals based on:

  • Research Plan.
  • Technical Merit.
  • Research Impact.
  • Personnel Capacity.
  • Benefit to Education and Infrastructure.

Preference: Will be given to project proposals from smaller cities/ remote areas.

Final Submission Deadline:

PBSA will accept grant applications till 30th April 2017.

Notification of Successful Submissions:

Funding decisions will be announced by 15th May 2017.

Submission of Final Project Report/Deliverables:

30 days after project completion

The project proposals may be forwarded to the PBSA office at the following email address:


The detailed Grant Competition Announcement is also available on PBSA website:


Alternatively, the application package may be submitted through regular mail to the following address;

Mr Furqan Ahmed, PBSA office, Room 12, First Floor, Pakistan Academy of Sciences Building, 3rd Constitution Avenue, G-5/2, Islamabad

We look forward to receiving your application.

Points of contact for Correspondence:

Dr Javed Muhammad

Project Officer

email: javedm81@hotmail.com

Mr. Lazar Allahrakha

Admin Officer PBSA

email: lazar.ahd@gmail.com

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