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Mission Statement and Vision

Pakistan Biological Safety Association


Mission Statement

“Enhancing the knowledge and practices of professionals and organizations regarding bio-safety and bio-security issues throughout Pakistan in collaboration with international and local organizations and partners”.


  1. Pakistan Biological Safety Association is a nonprofit, professional organization dedicated to the provision of comprehensive knowledge related to bio-safety issues in Pakistan. This education will promote a safe environment for health care workers, researchers, veterinarian and public in general.
  2. The fundamental objective of Pakistan biological safety association is to put in place a core group of people trained in biological safety issues that will formulate guidelines for risk assessments, use of safety equipment and containment facility safeguards that can prevent laboratory associated infections in the country.
  3. The association will act as an advocating body for biological risk assessment, formulation of bio-safety standards and guidelines in accordance with national and international bio-safety protocols.
  4. The association will be dedicated in expanding professional and public awareness of biological safety through effective communication. Awareness sessions would be held in the form of newsletters, effective use of electronic media and symposia, aim would be to provide a forum for the continued and timely exchange of bio-safety information to health professionals and the general public.

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