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PBSA Elections

Election for the post of president, general secretary, treasurer and provincial chapter heads of PBSA takes place after three years of the previous election. The protocol for conducting the election is provided below:

  1. Ballot paper is developed by assigned election commissioners which contain the name of candidates and a box for marking/selecting by the voters.
  2. In order to maintain transparency each ballot paper is duly signed by assigned election commissioners and each ballot paper is given a unique serial number and membership ID.
  3. PBSA ballot papers are forwarded through courier to eligible voters as per the lists finalized prior to election.
  4. Candidates are invited to nominate one representative to be available at the time of counting of votes.
  5. Sealed ballot papers returned by voters are opened by election commissioners in the presence of representatives of both candidates.
  6. After counting of the ballot papers result will be tabulated.

In order to maintain transparency ballot papers in hard form will be retained till fifteen (15) days from the date of counting. The data in hard form will be retained till the next election. In case of any discrepancy candidates can contact the election commissioners. The election commissioners are entitled to discard the data after stipulated time.